04 April 2008

Festival Season Is Near... Part 1

So glad I'm not going to Glastonbury this year. Point one: it's probably going to be another total washout (okay, you're saying what the point of going to a festival is without getting a bit mucky? I say that I can't live with tons of mud). Point two: the bands are, admittedly a bit average.

Well, you want great bands at Glasto because it's the most well known British festival there is (maybe Reading/Leeds is catching it up though). Blaming the low registration numbers on the weather is ridiculous - it never stopped people before. So now we have two problems. One is that the legendary Lost Vagueness has been scrapped this year, despite immense protest and the other is because the bands are no good. Who wants to see Jay-Z in the pouring rain? No offense, but who would want to see Jay-Z at all? It's only going to mean that there's a lot more trouble, the atmosphere of the whole place will change and there's only going to be loads of young people who know nothing of truly good music. If I was going, I'd hide in my tent on that night.

Well, I can't slag everyone off really. I guess they do have Massive Attack (come on! Blast that hiphop pretender away with some immense Trip-Hop!), Neon Neon (my fave new band), British Sea Power (but hope they're in a tent - that distortion will ruin them outdoors), Editors (again, they did it last year) and Hot Chip (in a tent, the best place for them!) so far...

But then there's all these little mediocre bands like The Enemy, Dirty Pretty Things, Kate Nash, The Subways and... wait for it.... Will Young. Oh my God, this year could end up being the worst Glasto I've ever seen. If they only show limited highlights of some of the "best" action, I'm doomed! Red button action is definitely needed this year!

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