14 April 2008

Bjork Review

Manchester Apollo Theatre
Friday 11th April

Icelandic songstress Bjork has been delivering her blend of electronic pop for well over fifteen years now and has been in the industry with various bands, including The Sugarcubes, for thirty. However, it seems like there is no end to her energy and creativity.
Starting her UK tour promoting last year’s album Volta, she plays a set that embraces a vast range of material from all six of her studio albums. Backed by an Icelandic brass troupe, pounding drums and a multitude of synths, her voice was as powerful as ever as she danced around the stage in typically joyful fashion, wearing a flowing rainbow-coloured dress.
As Bjork powered through songs such as Hunter, Army of Me and Hyper-ballad, a spectacular light show also took place with jets of fire, video screens, flashing multicoloured spotlights and twirling green lasers that intensified the action on stage. The crowd showed their appreciation throughout the entire nineteen song set, clapping and cheering her passionate performance.
During the encore, the venue exploded into a frenzy when she played Declare Independence and replied to Bjork’s calls in great voice. Even though this song has been shrouded with controversy over the last few months, it didn’t dampen the spirit of the rendition.
Though she may now be forty, Bjork shows no signs of ceasing to make music and play live with an incredible amount of dynamism. As long as it sounds as good as it did tonight, she could carry on forever.

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