16 April 2008

In Dreams

Well, I wanted to talk about this album for a while now. It took me a while to really get into, but now it's my favourite album by this artist.

I'm talking about "The Dreaming" by Kate Bush!

I suppose I'll get loads of funny looks from people for saying this is my favourite album by her, but it really is something special. I always feel really good when I put this album on, because it has so much depth. One minute she's putting on a fake cockney accent in There Goes a Tenner, next she's growling about the Vietnam war in Pull Out the Pin, then she's at her vocal best in Night of the Swallow.

I've sort of bypassed the idea that she was the first person to use some revolutionary synths as well though. It turns the whole album in to something spectacular, like a whole new musical experience that hits you like a speeding train. There are few hints of her old singing voice - something that she'd perfect before creating "Hounds of Love" - and some of the effects used on her voice are perfect, like the trapped echo in Leave It Open.

So my favourite songs are Pull Out the Pin (because it's so dark and menacing), Night of the Swallow (because when you listen to it you can imagine it going down lots of musical routes, only to find that folk elements come into the frame), Leave it Open (sort of tame, until it explodes into a medley of guitars and pounding drums at the end) and Get Out of My House (inspired by "The Shining". Enough said.)

Ah... I might put it on later today, just so I can try and embarass myself trying to hit the high notes.


  1. hmm I've never heard of Katie Bush, just Kate Nash, but she sounds good!

  2. Hi jamjarsuperstar,
    Have you master the high notes now?
    Hee hee, I'm always out of tune when I sing!Aha...
    Take care

  3. Never heard of Kate Bush! Ok mild panic attack over. This is a terrific review on an artist very close to my heart. I agree this is an often overlooked album, but surely it should warrant more exposure as the forerunner to the considered best album(again subjective) "Hounds of Love." It surely show the natural progression of the barmiest, but ultra unique artist that Kate Bush is. My favourite song is always the one i'm playing right now, but you have highlighted the outstanding ones from a very neglected album that deserves a better press. Again i applaud your judgement, writing style and observations. As for the high notes they shall stay in my head or the confines of the bathroom, Tiles make a wonderful echo. This review is getting linked. More Bloggers out there should be aware of you.


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