09 April 2008

Manics Update

So that godlike Nicky Wire has been talking about the next Manic Street Preachers album. Apparently both him and James Dean Bradfield want to take a new road and the album will be, ahem, "riff-tastic". You got that from him, not me. So literally speaking the album will be like a more heavy-rock version of "The Holy Bible" which should be pretty interesting. After all, "Send Away the Tigers" was a great album but lets face it, was it really them? They've kind of mellowed out in a strange way (okay, there's still the rather bleak lyrics but musically it's not as intense as any of their early work or even their previous album "Lifeblood").

Can't wait to hear this one.

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  1. I would rather have a manics that have melloewd than half of the dog poo that masquerading as music.Your observations though are spot on.

    I want to say a big thanks you for the comments I've had from you lately. I sell online,because basically mustering any interest from the island is non exsistent. It can be a very closed shop. One i'm not manx,two i refuse to join the photo society an e dictated to as to what a photograph is/can be taken.

    As far as exhibiting, again a closed shop.


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