29 April 2008

Cheaper Knock-Off

I'm already fuming about the brilliant press that "Wearing My Rolex" by Wiley is getting. First of all, he's been making white-label mixtapes and remixes for years now and has had two albums out already - both of which got overlooked, probably because they were just a bit rubbish.

So then he comes along with this song and suddenly everyone is raving about him, going on about what great and innovative dance music he's making etc... But no! It's not innovative at all! How many times have we actually heard that sample used as the main melody? About a thousand times (so many times in fact that it's hard to discern where the original came from!). So there's innovation out of the window. Then there's the whole point about him pushing back the usual rapper lifestyle of champagne, girls, gold, guns... Er, no... Sorry, that's not true. Some reviewers must have wrecked themselves for hours trying to think of a way to put a positive spin on the fact that he clearly does cite all of these things. Enough said.

Sorry Wiley, your song is more of a cheap Casio than a diamond encrusted Rolex.

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