17 April 2008

Festival Season Is Near... Part 3

It's time for everyone's favourite Scottish festival, T in the Park! Yay.... no wait, there seems to be an overpowering interference of mediocre acts on the Main Stage this year again. Great. And I thought that this festival was going to be pretty good considering they normally have an interesting lineup on it (last year was pretty good, even if the first day was pretty abysmal).

So as usual we have the Main Stage, this year inhabited by Rage Against the Machine, REM, KT Tunstall, Amy Winehouse, The Enemy and Newton Faulkner (yes, that strange man with the ginger dreds). Hmm, we'll give that one a miss then...

NME/Radio 1 Stage - I'm going to do this on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. Feeder (8), Scouting For Girls (1), The Wombats (6/7), Kate Nash (0 - seriously!), The Raconteurs (er, 7ish?), The Zutons (6/7) and One Night Only (god, if only I could give minus numbers!) So a bit of a mixed bag here I think.

Perhaps not amazingly at all (given I've praised the line-up of little tents before, this is no surprise) the Pet Sounds Arena and King Tut's Wah Wah Tent are the best stages! So on King Tut's there are Delays, The Ting Tings, Sons and Daughters, British Sea Power and on the Pet Sounds Arena we have Interpol, Hot Chip and Lightspeed Champion. If I was going, I'd definitely head over to these stages. Oh, and there's this new Futures Stage that showcases new talent (duh) with Black Kids and Cajun Dance Party appearing along with many others.

I can't really tell if T in the Park has one of the better lineups this year. It certainly has a load of bands that I can tolerate quite nicely - I'm not going to run out of the room, screaming at the telly, I know that much. But still, everything is all a little average in comparison to last year's bashes.

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