18 April 2008

The Greatest

NME.com are holding a poll to find out who the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time are. Fair do's, you might think. And yeah, there are the good inclusions of The Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Joy Division etc. (so just about all of the 60s and 70s original great rock bands).

But then I've noticed something really odd. Okay, two really odd things if I think about it. I've decided to take part in the poll (you can do it anonymously by just clicking the link on the homepage of the website). First of all, (oh, this means 3 weird things) Oasis are number one at the point of writing. All of the truly great bands have been overlooked in favour of a bunch of grating Manc "heroes". Don't get me wrong, but I really don't think they're anything special, especially not now that they're writing really odd songs that people probably just praise, you know, 'cos it's them and all... Hopefully that'll change.

I'm pretty sure I've gone through all the artists and rated them fairly. First of all, why bother including the likes of The Liberintes, The Stokes and Arctic Monkeys? According to them, The Libertines are the "band that changed everything". Yeah, like half the post-Libertines bands wouldn't have broken through if it wasn't for them. Most of them would've been good enough without Pete Docherty, Carl Barat et al. making an unbearable racket. As for the other two, they really haven't been around long enough to be even considered for a poll like this. Has the world gone mad? Secondly, I'm pretty sure they've missed out great bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure. It's like they haven't inspired anyone over the years. Or someone's very biased. There are other bands missing, but I'm most surprised about these. Seriously, who made this list? Well, here's the top 20 at the time of writing for your annoyance (I've even included their average score!):

1. Oasis - 8.69
2. The Beatles - 7.82
3. Jimi Hendrix Experience - 7.45
4. Rolling Stones - 6.79
5. Led Zeppelin - 6.71
6. The Clash - 6.70
7. The Who - 6.60
8. Nirvana - 6.41
9. The Smiths - 6.15
10. Radiohead - 6.09
11. Pink Floyd - 6.06
12. Manic Street Preachers - 6.05
13. The Sex Pistols - 5.97
14. Stone Roses - 5.80
15. Joy Division - 5.77
16. The Doors - 5.75
17. The Ramones - 5.74
18. Blur - 5.70
19. The Libertines - 5.69
20. The Kinks - 5.66

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  1. It wouldn't surprise me at at all if Oasis won. Try the same poll again 10 years from now, I'm sure Oasis will have been replaced by some other ok band of the last 10 years. The consttants though will always be there(and desrvedly so),stones, beatles, zepellin. etc. As for the Banshees, I was an original first time around goth, and I am totally biased that they were a are major influence.

    I look forward to the Kate Bush review.Unlike a lot of Bush fans i can concede it's not all perfection.


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