19 April 2008

A Perfectly Different Day

Right now I'm listening to the single version of "A Perfect Day Elise" by PJ Harvey for the first time ever and thinking: why wasn't this version put on the album? The version that goes on "Is This Desire" is completely different, not because of the sounds but because of the order, place and power that they have in them! The album version is quite stripped back compared to this one and the drum rolls and synth sections aren't as prominent. The little section in the beginning with the scratchy guitar is missing as well. I'm disappointed. I think this song is one of PJ's best (although not as brilliant as "Yuri-G", my favourite) and I've been sold short with the album version! Someone should've stepped in and said "no! Put this version on, most people won't tell the difference!"
Oh well, it's still an amazing song.

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