21 April 2008

When The Faithless Believe

I was skeptical, after reading a review of her album in the Observer the other month, as to whether or not I would enjoy listening to French sub-popstrel Camille.

However, having heard the first single from her new album "Music Hole" yesterday I can safely say that she is something a bit special. In "Gospel With No Lord" she bends her voice in ways that no ordinary singer could possibly achieve and while there is a piano involved a little more than halfway through, the use of instruments is kept to an absolute minimum, with Camille preferring to use voices and human beatboxes rather than synthetic sounds. Think "Medulla" by Bjork and you're halfway there. Only this is something different, an almost primal sounding record that has captivated me for a whole day now. Even while I was listening to Depeche Mode on the bus, I still thought about it in-between the tunes. Perhaps this is an indication that it is an amazing song as not too many tunes have really stood out in my mind like this for a while. I hope I get the opportunity to listen to it again in full some time soon to judge whether this was a strange phenomena or whether it really was a brilliantly captivating tune.

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