24 April 2008

I Won't Be Breaking Up With Them

I feel very sorry for the Long Blondes. Their second album "Couples" hasn't had a particularly great reception even though I really love it. Everyone thinks that since they have had a slight change in direction from their debut "Someone to Drive You Home" then they've somehow gone all... annoying.

Well, they're not! Definitely not! The first single "Century" has been described as a poor person's "Atomic" (by Blondie) but I don't think they really set out to achieve this. The feel is very different, and the elements used to put the song together is quite departed from Blondie. There is no doubt that they have obviously been an inspiration on all of the record, but I think The Long Blondes have really tried to create their own side.

There are still, anyway, flashes of their old sound such as on "The Couples" and "I Liked the Boys". The formula from "Someone to Drive You Home" still remains, only with some more depth. This is great, and "Guilt" is a really fun song that mixed some of the disco themes with their old indie image. "Round the Hairpin" is not an easy listen by any means, but once you've heard it a few times you can really reap the rewards.

Okay, maybe you shouldn't pay too much the lyrics but this is just a small blot on the landscape. I think people should stop being so snobby about them and give them the credit that they deserve. While they're not an entirely original band, they do make you smile and put some sunshine into a rainy day.


  1. Just noticed you rate the bat for lashes lp, i'm glad that its not just me. Love the blog by the way and have spent a good 1/2 hour between this one and your other site. Back to the gardening now.

  2. Wow, i like your point of view. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

    I'm also not into mathematical stuff. Haha~ Owh, I would like to add you into my blogroll list, may I?

    wif smile,


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