09 April 2008

Elbow Review

If any of this is a bit repeated, sorry. I realise that I've already mentioned the 4 consecutive 9/10s. Anyway this was for Newcastle Academy on Saturday:

With the recent release of their fourth album, ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, Mancunian rockers Elbow have become the only British band to ever achieve consecutive 9/10 ratings in the NME. With this accolade, the pressure was on to impress a large and devoted crowd that they really are the best indie band in Britain.
Their setlist was made up mostly of songs from their recent release, but they found plenty of time to include old classics as well. They played tracks such as Newborn, Mirrorball, The Bones of You and current single Grounds for Divorce.
Frontman Guy Garvey took the time in-between songs to ask the audience if they were alright and tell anecdotes. He even stoked the crowd’s fires by telling them that Glasgow had sung better the previous night, inciting the audience to erupt into a chorus in order to outdo them.
When Garvey introduced The Fix, everyone was astonished to find that Richard Hawley was joining them onstage to sing and play along. On the day of the Grand National, The Fix was an ironic inclusion since Garvey and Hawley sing about trying to fix a horserace. It seemed like everyone laughed when Garvey pointed this out.
At the end of the night, Hawley once again joined the band to play along with Grace Under Pressure where the audience sang louder than they had the whole night, giving the band a standing ovation at the end.
If Elbow were trying to prove that they are the best at what they do, then surely they verified it tonight.

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