27 March 2010

LCD Soundsystem: Drunk Girls

After a leak a short while ago on the net, LCD Soundsystem have decided to release a new track from their album, "Drunk Girls" as a single. The highly anticipated new album, which still doesn't have a title, is due for release on 17th May (or 18th if you're in the US of A). Fans of the band, led by James Murphy, will lap this slightly rocky number up as it's not too far departed from what they were doing on some of "Sound of Silver". As ever, Murphy's lyrics are great, the music catchy... although it does sound just that little bit like David Bowie's "Boys Keep Swinging". But never mind; any Bowie connections have to be good, right?

We Have Band: Divisive

Here's the latest single from three-piece outfit We Have Band. "Divisive" is a funky little number that sounds like curiously like Heaven 17, Gary Numan and Human League rolled into one - and with such brilliant references, who's complaining? Their debut album "WHB" is out soon:

16 March 2010

Caribou: Odessa

Caribou is the brainchild of Daniel Snaith, from Ontario, Canada (once again showing that Canada is, oddly enough, one of the places to be for music). Though he's been around for a while (his last album, "Andorra", came out a couple of years ago), he's only just come on to my radar with his latest single "Odessa". It's a strange mix of Royksopp-like vocals, danceable beats and a mind-warping synth that fills in all the vocal gaps. His latest album "Swim" is coming out in April.

Goldfrapp: Rocket

"Rocket" is the first single from Goldfrapp's new album "Head First" and, unsurprisingly, they've reinvented themselves again! Now Alison and Will sound like semi-cheesy Europopsters, and while that should sound absolutely awful it's actually not. "Rocket" is actually a real grower - not as immediate as anything on "Black Cherry" (arguably their best album) but a nice return to the glam pop that we're all used to the band making. Kudos in order for making a terrible concept so wonderful and summery - and with the rubbish weather I've been having a good dollop of summer is welcome!