16 March 2010

Caribou: Odessa

Caribou is the brainchild of Daniel Snaith, from Ontario, Canada (once again showing that Canada is, oddly enough, one of the places to be for music). Though he's been around for a while (his last album, "Andorra", came out a couple of years ago), he's only just come on to my radar with his latest single "Odessa". It's a strange mix of Royksopp-like vocals, danceable beats and a mind-warping synth that fills in all the vocal gaps. His latest album "Swim" is coming out in April.


  1. Jam!! <3
    I haven't been on since '08. o_o But I MISSED you! Sorry for the irrelevant comment ...I sorta forget how to do things here. xD Anyway, just thought I'd say hi, hon!


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