27 March 2008

The Power of the Gods

Hercules and Love Affair came through the post yesterday and it's simply amazing. Like thirty years of dance music mashed together into ten wonderful tracks that have heart, soul and a great groove! As I said when I half-reviewed Blind, I'm not the biggest Anthony Hegarty fan but this project gives him more dynamism and brings out the diva inside of him. Other contributions come from R&B singer Nomi. My favourite tracks on the album are Blind (uh, not going to explain again - see the original post somewhere below), Time Will (slow out of the starting blocks, but it picks up the pace and builds up immensely over the space of a few minutes) and Athene (Kim Ann gives a great vocal performance here I think - almost emotionally detached but bewitching as well. She goes through a great range over the verses and it's all to the tune of an amazing beat). I won't be able to stop listening to this for a while to come. Oh, well until Siouxsie and the Banshees arrives (Tinderbox - has my favourite Siouxsie song on it).


  1. hey thanks so much for the comment! sadly i've never heard of a lot of the music you talk about on here, but i'm up for anything thats really good. And yeah Rush showed up and played one song with them. I had 2 tickets to the show but i couldn't find anyone to go with. It just wasn't meant to be lol

  2. Thanks for the comment! :]
    I haven't heard a lot of the music that you're talking about, but I'm curious as to the genre.



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