09 March 2008

Definitely Spectacular

I'm motivated to write - twice in one day is, as you know, rare for me. However, I have felt the need to write about this band for a while now and have only just come around to it, considering I've just heard their single. Again.

I have a fear to like MGMT in case they become massive but a part of me thinks that they won't because, despite the fact that they're upbeat and led quite strongly by drums (something I hadn't really noticed until I'd heard Time to Pretend for the thousandth time and realised that the drums came out very clearly) they are actually quite psychedelic in their strange, modern way. They talk about drugs too much to become well loved anyway. They went down quite well on Later with Jools Holland though, and every band that has generally becomes popular. Unfortunately. Anyway, the album Oracular Spectacular is out in the very near future, so give it a go. It might just send you to a distant planet.


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  2. Hey jamjarsuperstar!
    I posted up something that had to do with huskies like you requested! :) If you need the link to my site again, it is



  3. Hey! I guessed what it was, it was a Husky! You said that it is your favorite breed, didn't you? Well i'll talk to you later, Bye!

    ~Emeline McCarter~

    P.S. I wanted to click on your profile, but It wouldn't let me because you haven't enabled a thing that lets people click on your profile. I was just wondering if you could enable-unless you don't want to that is.


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