01 March 2008

No Growing Pains

So, I said before that the new album by Sons and Daughters was going to be good, didn't I? Well... It is! It's not as dark or dangerous compared to their last album, The Repulsion Box, but This Gift still has some really good tunes! Maybe this departure from the dark and seedy is just what the Glaswegians need. In my opinion, they're much better than counterparts Glasvegas, can write better tunes and sing better, less long-winded lyrics.

So Darling is, predictably, the best song on the album. But you could put everything else at a close second - they're all wonderful. Chains, for example, is a short song that blasts through like a stampede and lead vocalist Adele is on top form. Well, I can't really single out any particular song for praise because I pretty much love them all. Gilt Complex and Split Lips are probably two of my other favourites. But again, it's hard to believe that they're still a fairly unknown band and are being left in the dark by the likes of Glasvegas and Franz Ferdinand. However, if they keep on going like this they may just show that there's more to the Scottish indie scene if you just scratch the surface.

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