09 March 2008

Tense... Too Tense

Here's a progression worth shouting about: anyone who has seen, heard or known of The Kills' recent work will surely realise that they are making some wonderfully dark and sexy rock music. I can safely say that their last two singles (the slightly stripped down U.R.A. Fever and the explosively catchy Cheap and Cheerful) are a magnificent triumph that has me ready to pounce at their new album Midnight Boom.

I was gripped by Hot Chip's new effort before, but this is something else. Bearing in mind the rave review I gave to Made in the Dark I will probably be bouncing off the walls to Midnight Boom - and I don't really do that very often. Of course, I'll have to see. Last year I loved the singles that Editors released from An End Has A Start (of which The Racing Rats was probably the best) but was a bit disappointed with the content of the rest of the album - it wasn't that it wasn't good but it didn't live up to my expectations. I knew they were apparently going to be dark and menacing, tackling tricky subjects and moaning about the most depressing of subjects but they could have at least made an album that had the quality of The Back Room (by which I mean that any track could have been a single).

Anyway, I realise I've gone off the subject a bit - back to The Kills. I hope NOT to be sorely disappointed with the album, which is released fairly soon (exact date? No idea!) But, I don't think I will be. I'll have to wait and see. So, as for why I've called this post Tense... Too Tense, it's because I'm anxious about this. Seriously (but you probably gathered that already).

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