05 June 2008


Yesterday I bought "Velocifero", the new album by Liverpool four-piece Ladytron. I have to say that despite the distortion - more on that later - it's a really catchy and strangely uplifting album, despite the dark undertones.

So, I was originally attracted to this album because of the first single "Ghosts" which combines somewhat ethereal vocals with funky synths and some rock sensibilities. And that's pretty much what you get on the whole album; thirteen tracks worth of pounding drums and blaring synths that almost drown out the two lead singers. Not that this is a particularly bad thing though. In a way it doesn't really matter that they're almost being drowned in sound, since what they're saying isn't, I don't think, particularly important.

Of course, it is because of some lousy production that this has come about. Maybe the album would have been better if the vocals took a more prominent role, like they do with most bands. It was produced by the band themselves, so I'm sort of willing to let them off the hook - let's face it, surely they can't be the most qualified people to produce a full album. It doesn't dent the enjoyment I have experienced over the last couple of days by listening to the album, but the distortion is the only low point. A band like Asobi Seksu can get away with it because of their shoegazing style but it doesn't quite work for the electro that Ladytron produce.

Nevertheless, it should be said that the album has some great songs on here other than "Ghosts". "Predict the Day" and "I'm Not Scared" are two other stand out tracks for me, while "Kletva" breaks up the unrelenting sound nicely.

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