21 June 2008

Perfect Summer Party

"Pick up the pace and enjoy the race" suggest Cajun Dance Party on the title track of their debut album "The Colourful Life". And that's what you end up doing as you listen to this brilliant collection of songs - and they've only just joined sixth form!

I feel it is necessary to compare CDP to bands such as Arcade Fire for use of strings and arrangements, particularly on the title track, "The Race" and "Amylase" but they still manage to keep an identity all of their own. "The Next Untouchable" is a five-minute indie blast with swirling guitars and choppy vocals that shakes off the ties with other bands while "No Joanna" is a little lovelorn ballad that will capture your heart. But it is on their singles "The Race" and "Amylase" that they really shine.

"The Race" probably has the best of a bad bunch of lyrics, as on this song they seem more well thought out and less naive than on the other songs. I don't feel that this is particularly important though, since the words have not affected my enjoyment of the album. It's just not important.

For me though, it is the wonderful "Amylase" that sets them apart from other new indie bands at the minute. If this song doesn't want to make you run around with a massive smile on your face, then nothing will. It is quite simply one of the most joyful songs I've heard in a long time and will probably be a staple on my iPod for months to come. "Amylase" sounds quite similar to songs by people such as Those Dancing Days but has much more depth and substance.

My only problem with this album is that it's just too short! Clocking in at just over half an hour, it leaves me wanting more. Luckily, they're busy working on another album to be released later in the year so I won't have to wait long to hear more from this great band.


  1. Hi, thanks for visiting on my birthday! You should have brought some music too!!

  2. you really know about music but I'm wondering if you ever heard any kind of song from my country - Malaysia.

  3. Malaysian music. The mind is bloggling at the thought of what they could sound like. Arcade Fire are mostly hit than miss with me and definitely a mood thing. Good for warding off nutters on the bus, like the theme tune to psycho at full pelt on the ipod.


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