30 June 2008

Sound of Gold

It can truly be said that LCD Soundsystem occupies the space somewhere in-between electronic and rock, especially after listening to the wonderful "Sound of Silver", the third CD I bought last week.

Just like on "45:33", James Murphy doesn't find any reason to rush his songs, which is particularly evident on opener "Get Innocuous!", "Sound of Silver" and "All My Friends". The gradual build-ups add to the depth of his songs, which are certainly not cases of style over substance.

It may be hard to believe but there really aren't any weak points on this album. Yes, it really is all killer and no filler! Every song has its own charm, from the angry, twisted patriotism of "North American Scum" to the almost sweet, oddly heartfelt tracks "Someone Great" and "New York I Love You But You're Dragging Me Down". It is obvious that, compared to "45:33", disco takes a more modern twist and is rocked up with guitars, funky basslines and hot beats. The guitar line on "Time To Get Away" sounds particularly retro, with an almost video-game quality (I'm thinking something from Crash Bandicoot - only that could sound old-school and yet still cool and modern). "All My Friends" has an immediate, attention-grabbing piano base that provides the foundations for what becomes an epic smash after about five minutes.

Involving his band more was a good decision - on the whole, the album is a lot tighter than "45:33", and even that was pretty well put together. The long, long, incredibly long tracks may not be to everyone's taste but if you give them a go I think you'll find something special indeed. If nothing else, listen to "North American Scum" - not as threatening as it sounds, but it is a blinding tune!

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Teardrop" by Massive Attack

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  1. you truley are a music lover! Anyone that detailed about a song, album or track knows their stuff...I too love music and in my spare time I am in the studio with a few of my fellow friends...keep posting.


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