24 June 2008

Saw It Coming

So Amy Winehouse has emphysema. Now, it's terrible and all but is this really shocking considering how much we hear about her drug abuse, smoking and alcohol problems? Surely lots of people would have known about the potential causes of emphysema and would've told her to stop, or at least try, just for the sake of her health.

Actually, they did try this. I stand corrected. It was as blunt as "stop taking drugs or you'll die". That's pretty much what the doctors said to her when she was told about her condition. Now it's "stop taking drugs or you'll be like an old woman on a ventilator". Seriously, that's what they said! No mincing of words, nothing. Personally, it's a little bit shocking but I think it's worse that her dad actually goes to the Sun or Star or Mail (can't remember which one) and tells the whole world about his daughter's sorry state. This will only make things worse. Amy is fragile enough as it is, now she'll have media dogs biting her skinny ankles and asking if her emphysema is getting any better/any worse.

LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE! My theory is that if everyone just leaves her be, she's no longer in the tabloids and her life is like it was a few years back when no one was even interested in her life, she might start to recover. She also needs to ditch Pete Doherty and her good-for-nothing husband Blake, currently incarcerated. Then maybe she'll get better and won't have less than 70% lung capacity.

You know what the weirdest thing is though? The doctors have told her she can play Glastonbury this weekend! That just doesn't make any sense...

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  1. Yes, I agree re Amy Winehouse. I have always been a big fan and I really do think she just needs some space and privacy to get a grip.

    True rock stars are often flawed individuals though. She is one of a type really.

    But no, it does not seem sensible for her to play Glastonbury.


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