23 June 2008

Music Hole

Someone out there has to have heard at least one song by French songstress Camille. If you haven't, you're missing out on something quite magical. She's not your average pop star and indeed tends to only use peoples' voices to create her music, which is the beauty of her new album "Music Hole" which I've been enjoying now for a good month or so.

Granted, there's some nice instrumentation to add atmosphere on "Cats and Dogs". Apparently they're not our friends, they just pretend. Then she imitates cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, sheep... This premise pretty much sums up the way that Camille thinks, which is a bit like a bonkers Kate Bush on a night on the town with Bjork. See, this isn't for people who like Girls Aloud or Sugababes. It's much deeper than that. "Winter's Child" and "The Monk" are somewhat out-there but then she creates more down-to-earth pop songs like "Money Note" and "Gospel With No Lord".

"Money Note" is a witty stab at divas such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion where Camille imitates them mockingly and pokes fun at the fact that they're aiming to be the best and hit all the right notes to make billions.

My favourite song though has to be "Katie's Tea" which at first sounds like a little ditty sung as an ode to the tea that her friend Catherine makes. She sings about the different varieties of tea (Tetley's and Lapsung Suchang - yes, I know I can't spell it - are mentioned a lot) and how she couldn't give it up for the world. Then it all gets a little bit dark, with the tea turning blood-red and then the music turns into a hypnotic spiral to represent her "trip" into madness.

Give it a go. No doubt a few of you will end up liking the srange but humourous stylings of this well-kept gem.

What I'm Listening to Right Now - "I Told Her On Alderaan" by Neon Neon

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  1. Anyone who has a go a Celine and Mariah and gets a nod to Tetleys tea in a song has to be heard. One of the French bloggers mentioned this artist as a " must hear with wine."


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