24 June 2008

New Artiste

Ooh, I've discovered the shamelessly 80s yet still somehow modern Ladyhawke today! It's funny looking on the MySpace site (about the only place I can find her music right now) where it states the list of her influences - it's all 80s stuff, which is quite cool really. There's no-one bad or cringeworthy on the list.

So here's all I know about her: Ladyhawke's real name is Pip Brown, she's from New Zealand and er.... well, that's about it. Thing is, she's practically so new that not many people know too much about her. I think I've done well. She's doing a set on the radio tomorrow morning so I must listen to it!

Do yourself a favour and listen to "Paris is Burning" which is nowhere near as violent and horrible as it sounds. It's a glittery piece of synth-rock that picked my spirits up this morning (not that they really needed much lifting!).

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Left Behind", the fab new single by CSS

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  1. You make me feel so "I want to listen to this music," when I read your comments about music. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and gut feeling is you're not on the air around here. Let me know if I am wrong.


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