30 June 2008

Glastonbury: Amy Winehouse

God, this performance was like watching a train wreck! How painful it was to see Amy Winehouse, clearly drunk, slurring all of the words to her songs - most of which she obviously couldn't remember - and generally making a bit of a fool of herself. It would probably have been better if she hadn't turned up. I'm sure someone else would have performed without making such a hash of everything.

That said, at least she made it. Still, I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say that it was "a magnificent performance" like the BBC pundits declared it was. "Back to Black" was only recognisable because of the backing band, and Amy only just about remembered the tune to "Love is a Losing Game".

Perhaps her lowest point during this disastrous performance was getting down from the stage to be nearer the fans and punching one in the face. Let it be clear: she was NOT provoked, despite what everyone might say and she certainly DID give some poor man a very sore head. Running along in six-inch heels is never a good idea, so it was no surprise that in a drunken stupor, she nearly fell over twice and was staggering around with probably no idea what she was meant to be doing. She needs to sober up before doing this again.


  1. Yes, such a pity. I love Amy's voice but this was indeed a shambles. I wish she would take some time out and get herself sorted. Well, actually I rather fancy taking her in myself and sorting her out - not sure what my sons would make of that though!!!

    Enjoyed your glastonbury write-ups. Didn't get to see much myself sadly.

  2. it's crazy how easy it is for this girl to get into the news


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