30 June 2008

Glastonbury: The Wombats

Liverpool indie band the Wombats put in an energetic performance on the Other Stage, generating a mass sing-song on their singles. Apparently they felt a little bit foolish after addressing the crowd before "Let's Dance to Joy Division" but they didn't show it - the song itself went smoothly with some nice harmonies and the trio looking like they were genuinely having a good time.

"Kill the Director" and "Backfire at the Disco" went down well too but for me "Moving to New York" is the jewel in the Wombats' crown. This was probably the best song they played in the set, with the most passion and feeling compared to some of the other tracks they played.

Nice inflatable wombat on stage with them too. I particularly liked the way it sported large red sunglasses. Classy.

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