24 June 2008

The Fuss

Whee, pretty looking picture of Las Vegas to the left here with some nice fireworks, a gargantuan pyramid and little twinkly lights. There's probably some people down there too, but they're too small to see.

If you translate this into musical terms, you'd probably get something a bit anthemic with human qualities, a nice buildup into something spectacular, a good vocal performance and then goes out with a bang which is.... nothing like Glasvegas.

Please, give it a rest with the hype people! In two years time everyone will have forgotten them and their supposedly anthemic rock. No-one will remember "Daddy's Gone", no-one will be able to sing a line from "Geraldine", nor will they believe that there was ever a song that sounded so distinctly Scottish and at the same time so distinctly morbid.

Okay this isn't going to happen - there will be lots of Glasvegas nuts out there who still bang on about them well after they've disappeared into the foggy Glasgow night and into obscurity, but at the minute its the rest of us who are suffering. I mentioned "Geraldine" previously and this recently gained 9/10 in the NME who have also dubbed them "the best band in Britain". This is the same magazine who act as a chauffeur service to drug addicts (i.e. Pete Doherty) and have said in the past about bands being the next big thing (we'll not go into that, there's too many to mention). On the same page as I see the review - this is on the interweb, by the way - there are three comments branding the song "rubbish" and telling them to "stop jumping on the bandwagon", only not so nicely as I've put it there.

Three seems like a very small minority, doesn't it? Then let us turn to the guiding light of favourite radio station 6 Music to show the way. Surely they wouldn't let me down? No, they didn't let me down. A panel of five judges rendered "Geraldine" as, well, "boring, vomit-inducing and enough to make you want to jump off a bridge". Nice conclusion.

Just to back up my point about hyped bands, The Couteeners (shudder) graced the cover of NME only a month or two back, hailed as the best thing since sliced bread. This week's NME: "The Courteneers, 'No You Didn't, No You Don't': A polite piece of rubbish 3/10". Take solace in the fact that they scored one point more than Agyness Deyn's dire attempt at singing with NY band 5 O'Clock Heroes...

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Hurricane Jane" by Black Kids

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