30 June 2008

Glastonbury: Editors

I have to say that I was a bit worried before sitting down and fully enjoying Editors this year. I thought that Tom Smith's voice seemed a little muffled and distant but realised that it must have been the effect they wanted - there actually haven't been any notable sound problems this year, aside from Neil Diamond's mike cutting out during his set.

So back to the Editors and they were on particularly fine form, even if they did look a little tired (not surprising since they've done nothing but tour for the past year or so). Tom's gloomy voice was still as passionate as ever, and although I didn't get to see their new material (curse the BBC!) it was still a good set to watch.

"Blood" and "Bullets" are always brilliant, whether live or on record so I was glad to catch them. "The Racing Rats" from their second album is probably one of my favourite Editors songs, so it was also nice to hear a version of this. Still, it was pretty much the same as they did last year. They need more new matierial.

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