06 June 2008

Twice In A Day

The wine, that is - it's on my other blog right now. Anyway, the point of Mr. Red Wine being on here is because I'm infuriated with one Lily Allen. Granted I'm always angry with her. How on earth did a little chav like that get her own chat show on BBC3? Then she's drunk during a V Festival interview and slagging off other people constantly on her blog. Pretty low, really.

Now the little chav devil is saying that "it's not cool" to get drunk. This after she's been snapped seemingly thousands of times by the paparazzi for being well and truly legless! The nerve! Surely if she thinks this then she shouldn't be off her head every time she appears in a newspaper or an interview on TV. It's just blood-boiling!

Moving on a bit to her arch-enemies, or so she thinks. I'm talking about Girls Aloud. Yes the girl group that just won't go away. They're probably the best all girl group for a long while, proving it with their staying power but now they're going to get a show on the BBC? What's the world coming to? How on earth will 5 (is it five, I don't know) girls manage to present comfortably? I don't think they've thought this one through. It's probably all just to bump the ratings up anyway but it's still really disheartening. I hoped that one day the BBC would actually get a competent presenter to host a chat show, but how wrong I was.


  1. Hey Jamjar
    I like Lily Allen's music, but I didn't know this about her. Hm. How terrible?

    Are you a dj? You ought to listen to go to wfmu.org. WFMU is a radio station that broadcasts from New Jersey, which is just across the water from New York. They do some nifty, odd stuff. I love them and wish they had more podcasts to select from.

  2. go on Scarlet av that pink haired chav. ruck her up lol !! xx

  3. Lily Allen started off ok, but decsended into the ususal middle class girl who went to public school with a chip on her shoulder. Get over it. A for the bbc don't get me started. They have used some crap graphics guy on the opening credits to the European game instead of using
    barker from their own politics show, my partner who can actually draw a caricature.

  4. Maybe they'll run Girls Aloud the way the TV show The View does it here in the States.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  5. thought ill pass by JJSS too. Hope you well sweetie

    Ciao my friend x


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