01 August 2008

The Good Kind of Court

I've found the only type of court that can be deemed as good - Magistrates. The band, that is. They're from Essex and list their influences as Talking Heads, David Bowie, Prince and A Tribe Called Quest. Not a bad bunch to be inspired by at all, but what matters is whether they're any good or not.

Well yes, they are pretty good indeed. You can tell that their influences have had a huge impact but they're not stuck in a retro world by any means. Their songs sound modern with a slight twist, miles better than electronic pretenders like Late Of The Pier who just seem to throw together crazy sounds to make incoherent tracks that go nowhere and bore you after about ten seconds. Crazy synths and a good beat are a decent place to start if you want to make it in the now crowded electro world. But Magistrates are a bit simpler than that. Accessible, you might say...

So all in all it's not bad and really pretty addictive stuff - considering their lead singer was working in Morrisons supermarket as a butcher a few months ago, they've come a long way, baby. Here's the video to new single "Make This Work", making split screen action cool again. Even if it is filmed in the bedroom where they make all their music:

1 comment:

  1. When it first started off I thought "Gah!" but as the song goes on it kind of grows on you. I much prefer the guys non high pitch voice though.

    Hope you're well.




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