07 August 2008

Slave To The Rhythm

I know that it's going to shock people out there that until a few months ago I hadn't actually heard a full song by icon Grace Jones. But when I did hear it, I fell in love with "Slave To The Rhythm".

I don't know what happened, it just seemed to be one of those songs that really hit me and I thought "wow, that's amazing" - I can't find any other way to describe it! So this is a video I found of Grace performing it on TV over here in 1985; apparently the audience of this TV programme ("Wogan", starring Terry Wogan which might explain a lot) didn't really get it but hey, who was in that audience? What were they thinking!?


  1. I fell in love with Grace Jones when I first saw Conan the Destroyer. At the time, I thought she was just this exotic, eccentric woman with a crazy style. In time I'd find out that she was an exotic, eccentric woman with a crazy style and a talent for music. My favorite song of hers is, "I'm not Perfect(but I'm perfect for you" She sings it in a way that makes you believe it and makes you feel like she has just owned you.

  2. I was always amazed at how tall and slim she was. I'll have a listen later on today as the laptop is playing up a bit and videos are crashing it.

  3. Her and Jerry Hall used to model together. It used to be on You Tube but there was a clip of her belting
    an old TV chat show host Russell Harty for ignoring him. Scary Lady!
    You'd enjoy it, might be on the BBC clips somewhere.


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