12 August 2008

Mercury Month: Rachel Unthank and the Winterset/ Portico Quartet

Who: Rachel: A group of folk musicians from Yorkshire. Portico: A London jazz quartet

What: Rachel: "The Bairns" a collection of traditional folk songs as well as their own new arrangements. Portico: "Knee Deep In The North", their collection of jazz songs which makes good use of a Swiss instrument known as the hang.

There's a reason I've done these two together. It's because I know very little about them - and I'm not too proud to admit it (folk and jazz just isn't my thing really). It would be nice to see one of them win though, just to see the look on everybody else's faces when its revealed that a mainstream band/artist has been beaten by relative unknowns. If only we could vote and there wasn't just a panel of biased music reps... Ah well, we can dream....

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  1. I agree. Let's just shake the old guard up. When it beaccomes predictable it's so boring.


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