23 August 2008

Rock Royalty

You know what? I actually have a slight soft spot for Queens of the Stone Age. Yeah, they're a bit more rock than I'm used to - okay, they're much more rock than I usually go for - but ever since I heard "3s and 7s" I've been slowly warming to them. I can't get away with everything they do but I was more than happy to watch them last night (which is more than I can say for most rock bands like this).

I don't know what it is about this song but I found this footage of them performing "3s and 7s" on T4 and felt the need to put it up, considering I'm becoming a huge fan of this tune. It's something I would never imagine saying, but I have:


  1. you know im terrible i have never heard of them or the song lol.

    it sounds cool tune though.

  2. Oh dear. This has taken me back to place in blackpool called the tache.
    Rock/goth/alternative club I spnet many a fri/sat night in. I ahve a darkisde that even these are to light for.


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