03 August 2008

This Silly Meme

Well Daryl over at New York Photos did this meme and said that anyone could do it if they wanted - I've taken it upon myself but find it hard to thin of 5 songs that I'm really really embrassed about liking. But I do know one - and I'm not proud.

It's "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.

Ewww, I suddenly feel so dirty! Thing is I've got some pretty decent memories attached to this song, so I guess it's a bit more acceptable. Hmmm.... Maybe I'm just not really into bad music.

Anyone anywhere can do this if they really want to - name 5 songs that you'd be embarassed to tell your friends that you like.

I heard the new song by The Streets earlier and thought that it was awful. I would be embarassed to say that I liked anything by The Streets - shocking since when "Dry Your Eyes" came out everyone loved it apart from me. There was this big song-a-long and I thought "oh god, don't make me sing along to this awful song, just because it's all melancholy doesn't make it good!" I'm not even going to go any further. I'm not even going to describe the song... Okay, actually I will:

Imagine a cartoon sound as a beat (think along the lines of a character falling over), make it slow, then add Mike Skinner's rapping in the slowest form ever so that every single syllable is dragged over three lines and then add some gospel choir in the chorus with one of the male gospel singers screaming random words over the top - and imagine it even worse than that.

Yep, it really is that bad... I feel for anyone who is a fan of The Streets. Rapping needs to be fast and/or close to singing so that it doesn't sound like you're addressing your audience as morons... Give up, Skinner!

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