26 August 2008

A Date For My Diary At Least

Ah, so I've just learnt that Ladyhawke's debut album will be coming out on 22nd September! I don't know about anyone else but I can't wait - she deserves to be more well known. Her music is, shall we say, slightly retro but with modern twists, not cheesy in any way and although some of it is quite gentle (like "Back Of The Van") she doesn't fall into the trap of being terribly sentimental or insular like Adele or Leona Lewis, or heck, any of those pop divas!

Why am I comparing poor Pip to those people? Well I really can't say that she's rock and she doesn't really fall into a dance/electro category either. She's a lot more pop than people woud like to think - but then along with the Black Kids there's more substance, so it makes it okay!

I sourced this down especially for you: it's the video to her single "Paris Is Burning". Not literally, of course:


  1. Sounds very like Elastica, must keep an eye out for her.

  2. Ah!!!! I love Paris is Burning! Freaking awesome song!

  3. Elastica definitely and even futher back. ven the production has an earthier sound.


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