06 August 2008

Fortress Round My Heart

"Make it more yellow!" -- Ida Maria Sivertsen

Yeah so can we please forget about "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" - I appreciate that it's a fun song that's not designed to offend (I just said that a song about being a stalker was great in my last post, so I'm no prude) but hey, the riff is taken straight from "Turning Japanese" and she runs out of lyrics to sing about halfway through. It's not really Ida.

And neither is the title of this debut album! I can hear that it's taken from the opener "Oh My God" but it must be an ironic title surely; no one can sing about being drunk, religion, romance and such like and still name their album as if it's a closed, detached affair. It's plunging into her mind, a mind that has obviously been affected by living in a tiny Danish town where there really was little to entertain a creative young mind.

"Drive Away My Heart" was the first track I ever heard by Ida (pronounced Eeda, not Eye-da) and it it's more reflective of the way she writes in comparison to "I Like You So Much Better". Unfortunately everyone seems to have latched on to this song instead of her better ones. You can tell I'm infuriated! Still, if you want mad then you could also go for "Oh My God", the opener to the album. I like this song because it's not as stupid as that song. Yeah, you know the one I mean.

Other favourites of mine are "Stella" and "Queen Of The World". She's taking rock and becoming the Danish queen of it. I think Queen of the World is a bit ambitious just yet - the NME dissed her album just one week after saying it was going to be great in an interview with her.

Special congrats to her synaesthesia that helped her create the album - apparently she wanted to see yellow when she heard her music. And got it. Aside from that song this is a great debut. I can tell I'll be enjoying it for a while yet...


  1. Going go find this and listen ....


  2. Anyone who has my eyeliner and uses one of the best rifffs ever, "turning Japanese@ has to be listened to. Thank you for another superb find.


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