15 August 2008

Neon Camera Obscura

Good news: I have recently acquired tickets to see Neon Neon in a rather intimate venue, which is pretty good because I have noooo idea if they're ever going to make another album seeing as "Stainless Style" is, let's be honest, a side-project.

Bad news: In doing this I think I've sabotaged my own plans to buy a new digital camera, scuppering my chances of joining little theme days of SkyWatchFriday and Odd Shots on SCG - major bummer! Oh, the humanity of this credit-crunch! Will it never end! If only ticket prices were as low as they used to be - even these supposedly cheap tickets have killed me!


  1. I would love to see what odd shot you come up with. You just know most people just woulnd't get them. Blagging tickets. I don't know. I always prefered smaller venues, where you can look right up the nose of the singer. There's definitely more edge to his kind of gigs.

  2. Yes i feel the pain as well.

  3. Wow, you're so lucky! That would be so cool!

    I actually prefer going to smaller gigs than huge concerts.


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