31 July 2008

I Wonder Why...

Here's a one from Primal Scream:
"Right now we're playing better than ever"
Er, guys? You've supposedly been to rehab and have been cleared of drugs and stuff for ages. So don't you think that you might be performing better as a result? I like your new song, "Can't Go Back" and "Downtown" sounds good too. Proof that the drugs don't work. Although, Scream have made a few good records. They just don't seem to have got it together very well live - I think we all remember Glasto of a few years back when they were so obviously off their heads that they refused to come off the stage.
In contrast, I read the NME's review of Pete Doherty at the Royal Albert Hall and it seemed like he couldn't pull it together for the life of him. Been to rehab, caught carrying drugs three weeks later. Clean my....


  1. Yeah, drugs is just a bad excuse. If you're talented, you're talented. End of story! Hehehe

  2. I have never got Primal Scream. Like the Kaiser Chiefs, they are poor imitations of bands I that like that were the originals. I know as an older git I should be saying hey kids the drugs don't work, just say no, but going to have to say, some of the best songs I've ever heard were definitely drug induced. Or perhaps thay were just bonkers to start with!


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