14 July 2008

T: Bits and Bobs

Bits, bobs and other things, just like I did at Glasto! So here's some people that I caught briefly. Sometimes very briefly.

The Zutons: Thank god they ditched Ronson. Actually, I'm glad I didn't see the performance of "Valerie". People only know the words to that song now because of Amy Winehouse.... But, going back to this performance, they always sound better live. They've never particularly excited me, and they've got a saxophonist which is always a black mark against a band's name in my opinion. They always go into this kind of prog-rock, Led Zep-esque bit at the end of each of their songs live that could be annoying, but it acutally makes me want to watch them more. Suddenly their songs change from slightly dull indie to more exciting retro rock. Nice.

Pendulum: I know a lot of people who are really into these D'n'B people. And I mean scarily into them, to the point where if they hear even a single note of one of their songs, they scream "Pendulum!" really loudly. What is the fuss please? It's like if Slipknot went electro, which isn't a pretty thought. I don't understand the appeal of some thirty-or-forty-something men thinking that they're "down with the kids" and thrashing guitars around, pretending to be cool. Oh, and if you heard it you might think that their single sounds ever so vaguely like "Live and Let Die". Super scary.

Ian Brown: What the...? Somebody turn down his microphone! Either that or he was holding it far to close to his mouth. Either way, he sounded terrible which was a bit of a shame because his backing band were perfect. Funny how if someone or something goes slightly wrong, the whole dynamic of a set can go out of the window. I'm sure it wouldn't have sounded so bad if you were actually there but being stuck at home watching a strange, hopelessly muffled version of "F.E.A.R" really does put the fear into you.

More bits and bobs to come later on....

What I'm Listening To Right Now: "Get Innocuous!" by LCD Soundsystem

Thanks to www.ticketsources.co.uk/images for the pic!


  1. I've always liked The Zutons and at first hated Amy Winehouses version of Valerie but it's grown on me.

    Do you manage to get to all the festivals? That must be pretty cool.

  2. I was never an Ian Brown fan. Valerie agreed as much as love The whiney one, sometimes I want the other version. Zutons undecided. The woman sax palyer just annoys me, the way she moves. I know that's pyscho of me, but aband I prefer to hear and not see.

  3. hm. An NPR All Songs Considered episode featured these guys and I liked them
    It's so hard for me to keep up with you kids. I dunno how you do it.


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