14 July 2008

T: Kaiser Chiefs

Ahh, Kaiser Chiefs.... King of the "ITV Rock" movement. I will admit to having bought their first album "Employment" but I was totally lost off by "Yours Truly, Angry Mob". I thought that was with good cause, since "Ruby" - their anthem - and "Angry Mob" were both bland and mystifying. The Kaisers? Angry? Surely not!
But hey, this was the best Kaiser Chiefs' performance I've ever seen! Ricky Wilson still works the crowd a bit too much, expecting them to sing along to nearly every single song. Just leave it to "I Predict A Riot" Ricky, then leave them be. They even performed some new songs, one of which was absolutely hilarious. "We Want History" is a strange song, especially since the chorus says, "History, it's a mystery". Hmmm, yes. I can see they were up all night thinking of that line.
But the crowd love them and I suppose if you didn't like the look of Rage Against The Machine and Ian Brown then these were a fun alternative. I'm still not won over and I probably never will be. On a purely performance level, they had a good light show and the songs were performed well. Bravo on that level.

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  1. Another band I prefer not to see. Ht and miss for me. I think it's the people who like them put me off. I am HARD BUGGER TO PLEASE. Moern day classics, time will tell.


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