24 July 2008

It's Not A Sin

New Young Pony Club keyboard/synth player Lou Hayter has been working with her side project The New Sins for about a year now in-between developing new material for NYPC.

So I've known that this little side-project has existed for some time but never really got around to listening to any of their stuff - but now I am. Right now in fact.

It's safe to say that if you like NYPC then you'll probably like these; "Feelings Have Changed" sounds like NYPC's "F.A.N" but with Tahita Bulmer's immediate, in-your-face voice replaced by Lou's smoother, more poppy and accessible vocals. "It Doesn't Work Like That" sounds a bit more like Neon Neon, with its feet firmly rooted in the 80s. But a bit mellower.

This could turn out to be another great side-project; we're getting a lot of those at the minute. So many that we're a bit spoilt for choice. Then again, next year we'll probably end up swimming in albums from the original bands. Hopefully NYPC won't be any worse for Lou trailing off temporarily and they'll release some new stuff soon. But then again, I'm pretty happy with The New Sins. Do I have to go to hell now?

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Feelings Have Changed" by The New Sins

Thanks to soundbites.typepad.com for the pic!

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