31 July 2008

Partie Traumatic

Making it OK to be all cute and stuff

For the last year or so, Black Kids have been touted around as being the next big thing. People became quickly sucked into their world of pop, myself included. The single "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" became hugely popular and gave the Florida 5-piece their big break.

A few weeks ago they released their debut "Partie Traumatic". And it's every bit as good as you'd have hoped it to be.

Opener "Hit the Heartbreaks" is a joyful swagger of a song that introduces you to the recurring theme of love and sex. However, throughout the album you never feel that they're doing anything dirty. It's all very sweet, and even "Listen to Your Body Tonight" - despite possibly being their most sexualised piece - has lyrics that tell you not to cheat on your partner and stay away from strange men. Yes, really.

Their latest single "Hurricane Jane" sees lead singer Reggie Youngblood turn into an almost Robert Smith-like figure, with oddly ambiguous lyrics but with a lovely purring voice. "Love Me Already" and "I've Underestimated My Charm (Again)" see them at their poppiest with harmonies and calls and replies that are completely infectious.

There are probably a lot of people out there who think that they haven't lived up to the hype that surrounded them, but for my money Black Kids are the best pop band out there. And this is coming from a person who never listens to pop. Must be good then!

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  1. Hurricane Jane! Are they referring to me. You got me with words like purring and robert smith. Sounds like one I have to check out.


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