14 July 2008

T: The Raconteurs

You know, the more and more I watch The Raconteurs, the more and more I like them. I was never sure of them, and I'm not really a White Stripes fan so maybe I've surprised myself at the fact that I'm starting to fall for Jack White's other project.

Well, from what I saw (which didn't include most of their singles, which was a nice bonus) they were on good form. I enjoyed the album tracks which are much more melodic than the frenetic guitar thrashing of songs like "Salute Your Solution". I like a bit of melody, even Muse have that and they mostly just favour a wall of noise!

So anyway, it's too bad they didn't show more. It was probably a performance where I thought I could have sat quite happily all the way through and not complained once. Unlike a lot of the other people I saw this year at T - they're on to a winner.

What I'm Listening to Right Now - "Dead" by The Cocknbullkid

Thanks to weeklyvolcano.typepad.com for the pic!

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  1. Oh I have to say I think The White Stripes were better than The Raconteurs! It comes down to personal opinion, but I think if you go back to Jack White's earlier stuff it is much more raw and real. It seems that as soon as bands start doing things for the money, they start to go downhill and lose their touch.

    Sadly, I think Jack, as much as I love him forever, is losing his and trying to be something he is not.


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