14 July 2008

Not A Load of Cocknbull...

So you might have noticed that I've been enjoying the funky stylings of bedroom boffin The Cocknbullkid. She's from London and sounds homemade but in a good way with a lovely soulful voice.
Her single "On My Own Again" has been touted around as pretty good, so I thought I'd check out her MySpace page. Her voice sounds like that of Basement Jaxx's Vula on this track there's a brilliant electro interlude halfway through the song that sounds as if its been lifted straight from one of the retro Sonic the Hedgehog games. I prefer "Dead" though. While you can tell that she's been inspired by pop artists like Beyonce and Madonna, you can hear other more indie influences coming through. Which is probably why I like her blend of soul, indie and electronic. I'm hereby creating a new genre, called "selectrindie".
Okay, that was a bad idea. Still, being inspired by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, White Stripes and The Prodigy alongside your usual pop people must mean you've got some musical sense. And it shows.
Thanks to farm3.static.flickr.com for the pic!


  1. Your site is pretty cool. The colors are great and the content is excellent. Nice scheme! Check mine out and comment. Thanks

    Miss Building Blocks

  2. Hello Jamjarsuperstar,
    How's thing over your side?
    Haven't been here for sometime... So I just dropping in for a "HELLO!"
    Have a good week ahead!

  3. Haven't heard of her before, but will definitely check her page out!


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