13 May 2008

Sickening Instrument

Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys recently stated that "saxophones are vomit-inducing". And I pretty much agree with him. There's something about the sound that goes straight through me, like a fine drizzle that permeates your clothes irritatingly and hangs around in the air like a bad rash. This analogy might seem weird but using this was the easiest way to say that Gruff is completing right about saxophones being horrible, awful, demonic instruments. I can't even stand it on Kate Bush's "Saxophone Song" (which is a great song. Until the sax solo. Ergh....). I think that's saying something. Regular readers will probably know that I love Kate, but I must drag this song through the mud for the fact that it puts this abominable instrument in front of me proudly and blasts me with notes that make me want to cover my ears.

Well done Gruff, you're completely right!


  1. Baker street!!!
    The zoutons!!!!!
    Anything by the Beat!!!!!
    Sax in the right place can be goooood ;)

  2. Oooh er dangerous ground. I echo your thoughts on the sax., and concede the sax on the saxaphone song is annoying. I could imaginge the noise without it being punctuated by the sax. Even Kate has her lapses an this is a major one.

  3. Madness, i forgot about Madness!!!!!

  4. I yield to the fact that Brett have actually pulled off the masterstroke by naming Baker street, the beat, and Madness as examples of great sax.

  5. Gah, I love the sax. I'll sit over here by myself then until someone else comes along who agrees.


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