23 May 2008


Well after slagging off most of the festivals this year, I've decided that I should actually do some decent coverage of them. My real excitement though is that I might be going to the Stockton Festival - okay, you're probably all thinking "big deal" but there's some great people on it this year! In the past I've ever gone because the acts have never been that interesting but this year there's British Sea Power, Clinic, Happy Mondays and Super Furry Animals among others! Not bad, huh?

So then it's decided. This summer I'll be mostly blogging about the acts I see at the major festivals on the TV (which might strike people as being odd, but at least I keep my writing up!) and attempting to get to some gigs, get myself down to Stockton.... should be fun.

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Young Love" by Mystery Jets


  1. The smaller festivals can be much better nowadays. Live msuic is just the best anyway. Good to see your'e back.

    Brett at 365 has made the finals of best of blogs. Good eh. Gote my vote.

  2. I know, I know...I usually hate these things too...but I'm trying to play along with some other blogging friends.

    So...Tag, You’re It!

    Check out my latest blog to see what I'm talking about!


  3. Nice having you back!
    Enjoy the week!

  4. uw i have always wanted to go to a festival. The closest i got was going to party in the park one hee hee hee!

    Be good to see how you get on

  5. Well I guess you could do this along with the tag from hoover maneuver, cos sorry luv..you have been TAGGED!

    More details on my blog.

    I love festivals. Wish we had more of these in Nigeria.


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