04 May 2008


How glad I was to see Operator Please on Later... the other night. They are a well put-together Australian band with some really good songs. Personally I don't rate "Just a Song About Ping-Pong" and think that it's a little annoying. Their other singles have been of a much better quality and embrace all the styles of the five band members. Frontwoman Amandah's voice sounds best on "Leave It Alone" (which is my favourite of the singles they have released) and "Get What You Want", which shows her taking a more aggressive stance.

I think that you could tell that "Just a Song..." was one of the first songs they probably wrote. It's much more naive and doesn't have the depth that their other singles do.

Nevertheless, they're a good band and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them. I think they should probably build on the fact that they have a violinist in the band while still trying to maintain a gritty edge.

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