04 May 2008

Golden Sheen

A mention here for M.I.A's mate Santogold (real name Santi White) who is due to release her debut album in a month's time. I actually can't wait for this release - she may not be as gritty as her Sri-Lankan-via-London colleague but White is fun, danceable and still more experimental than other artists of her kind right now.

While the popular single "L.E.S. Artistes" may not show this so much - although this is a good, solid pop-meets-R'n'B-and-dance tune - "Creator", her first single, certainly does. To compare her once again to M.I.A., it's like "20 Dollar" meets "Bucky Done Gun" with less political commentary. So more of an easy listen, but Santogold still creates a great tune. Maybe I should describe it as good noise. But definitely not in the ever so slightly unbearable way that someone like Crystal Castles might make it....

What I'm Listening to Right Now - "Rebel in You" by Supergrass

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  1. I"ll be getting Santogold's new release for sure. I just saw M.I.A. last month at Coachella and she was AMAZING. Everybody loved her and begged her to come back when she was done. I like your Supergrass song choice. I just had a flashback to when I bought "I Should Coco" back in 1995. Ahhh, college days.

    P.S., I love your blog. Consider me a fan.


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