14 May 2008

The Fish Return

To indicate that I am now totally excited that soon I will be able to splash out (okay, thirty pounds, not much but it is for me since I don't spend that much!) on at least 3 albums soon.

Well, you'll know from previous posts that I'm just completely worked up about the release of the Santogold album and I have to say - to banish any skeptics - that the rest of the album is totally different to her main release, "L.E.S. Artistes". The rest is a wonderful combination of rock and hip-hop (a new genre of Hip-Rock anyone? No?), something that I am particularly eager to listen to in full.

Secondly, and third as well, come The Ting Tings and Cajun Dance Party. I think I will play all three albums to death in the coming weeks (well, as long as I manage to get my paws on them). Suddenly I have been overwhelmed with albums that are actually being released this year. Normally, I collect albums from the past... Maybe this is an indication that some of the music coming out this year is pretty brilliant. Enough to persuade me to buy it!

What I'm Listening To Right Now - "Kinky Afro" by Happy Mondays


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't get to listen to much music expect for what my teenager is playing.

  2. Hi Jamjarsuperstar,
    How are you?
    Have you got your 3 albums you were pretty excited about?
    Frankly, I do also get excited when I buy an album or book. I mean it's like we won't know it's good or bad till we have finished them!
    Have a good weekend!

  3. I heard the Ting Tings were good. They're on the top 2007 cd list that one of NPR's music sites published, which is great.

    I'm a music boob and am trying to educate myself. Recently discovered Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Lilly Allen, which are great.

    I will check out your suggestions!

  4. Nothing more exciting than anticapting the first track on the album.

    Keep up the suggestions.


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