05 March 2009

Put Forward

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have announced that due to a leak on the net that they're going to release their third album "It's Blitz!" earlier than scheduled. In fact, it's gonna be out next week.
I'm listening to their first single on their MySpace site alongside some of their old stuff and I think that apart from Karen O's distinctive voice (which has still pretty much lost its growl), "Zero" sounds retty much like nothing they've done before. They've ditched punk rock in favour of punky electro, which can only be a good thing for me since I'm so into that sort of scene.
Anyway, it would've been niceto have let them work on it a little longer. You get the feeling that with leaks the bands sometimes feel they have to press forward too quickly, so maybe the quality control goes out of the window. Of course, I could be hideously wrong and it might turn out to be their best album yet. But it'll take a lot to beat the immediacy of their debut "Fever To Tell".
In the mean time, here's a video for the single, created on some animation software by some guy on Youtube:

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