10 March 2009

Can't Cook. Won't Cook. Try To Cook.

So there's this band called Passion Pit and they're musically a bit weird but if you like the whole idea of men with high-pitched voices (but not in the way that Prince and co do it) then you could check them out.

But their music isn't the point of this post; no, I wanted to show the world what cooking with the band looks like. While browsing around I stumbled upon this short but weird video showing the band cooking "pasta" (and you'll know why it's in inverted commas when you watch it). It's a depressing affair really. I'm not sure what the result looks like - actually more like halfway caramelised onions, but I'm sure my friend Diva will correct me and say it's more like calamari or something. Anyway, take a minute and a half to watch the train wreck.

With a word of warning: there is some swearing so the easily offended beware, and the camera does move in odd ways so I guess if you don't like sudden movements and fast stuff then be careful (just looking out for my readers!):

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  1. "Cooking is a serious game" ... and clearly its a game from which these three should steer well clear! You may be right about those onions, Scarlet, but I sure would try it to find out ... these boys need my help! LOL ;)



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